PT Pancaran Samudera Transport

PT Pancaran Samudera Transport is the whole and soul of the absolute of our Sea Transportation Services. Here, the challenges of global shipping are met with perfection in every way from Safety, Quality Control and Environment awareness, leading to a remarkable breakthrough in the field of Sea Shipment. Ships brokerage, Off Shore supply, Vessels Charter are some of the services under PT Pancaran Samudera Transport.


PT Pancaran Samudera Transport

Back in 2007, Pancaran Group manage to captive the requirement of the Shipping Industry, more focus into Coal Barging. We established additional entity into the Group namely PT Pancaran Samudera Transport. Since then, we have proudly earned the trust of some of the major player in the coal industry. Recently, this entity has also been given opportunity to support the barging transportation needs of the CPO (Crude Palm Oil) Industry as it one of the most emerging industry in Indonesia.

Fleet Category

As the fascinating transporter in Coal & CPO segments, our primary concern and priority is always to maintain high standard operational procedures to ensure that all of these cargos are delivered to Domestic & International Customers on time & in line with customers requirements. Due to our commitment to ensure the HSE highest standard, we are proudly announced that we have recently been awarded by one of our most established customer as a transportation company with zero accident level.

PT Pancaran Samudera Transport proudly offers a wide variety of Barging services at the most efficient cost such as :

  • Conventional Coal Barges (vary in terms of engine size & ship length)
  • Self Propelled Coal Barges (vary in terms of engines size & ship length)
  • Floating Crane Discharging Unit (brand new equipments with International Standard)
  • Conventional CPO Barges (vary in terms of engine size & ship length)
  • Self Propelled Oil Barges (vary in terms of engine size & ship length)

NoKapalTongkangQuantity (MT)/Engine
2 TB. ASL STELLARBG. Kaltim FT 36-10±3500
3 TB. Kaltim Dolphin 10-07BG. Kaltim FT 36-06±3500
4 TB. Kaltim Dolphin 10-08BG. ASL 78±3200
5 TB. Kaltim Dolphin 10-09BG. Kaltim FT 36-02±3500
6 TB. Kaltim Dolphin 10-10BG. Kaltim FT 36-05±3500
7 TB. Kaltim Dolphin 10-11BG. Kaltim FT 50-02±4500
8 TB. Kaltim Dolphin 10-12BG. Kaltim FT 36-03±3500
9 TB. Kaltim Dolphin 10-13BG. Kaltim FT 36-07±3500
10 TB. Kaltim Dolphin 10-14BG. ASL 70±3200
11 TB. Kaltim Dolphin 10-15BG. Kaltim FT 36-04±3500
12 TB. Kaltim Dolphin 10-16BG. ASL 66±3200
13 TB. Kaltim Dolphin 10-17BG. Kaltim FT 36-08±3500
14 TB. Kaltim Dolphin 10-18BG. ASL 60±3200
15 TB. Kaltim Dolphin 10-19BG. Kaltim FT 36-09±3500
16 TB. Kaltim Dolphin 12-01BG. Kaltim FT 36-01±3500
17 TB. Kaltim Dolphin 17-01BG. Kaltim FT 80-01±7500
18 TB. Kaltim Dolphin 17-02BG. Kaltim FT 80-02±7500
19 TB. Kaltim Dolphin 17-03BG. Kaltim FT 80-03±7500
20 TB. Kaltim Dolphin 17-04BG. Kaltim FT 80-04±7500
21 TB. Kaltim Dolphin 17-06BG. Kaltim FT 50-01±4500
22 TB. Kaltim Dolphin 17-08±2 x 848 Hp Caterpillar
23 TB. Kaltim Dolphin 17-09BG. Kaltim FT 80-05±7500
24 TB. Kaltim Dolphin 17-10BG. Kaltim FT 80-10±7500
25 TB. Michelle 219-01BG. Angeline 219-01±7500
26 TB. Pancaran 1012BG. PST 1012±7500
27 TB. Pancaran 110BG. PST 110±7500
28 TB. Pancaran 111BG. PST 111±7500
29 TB. Pancaran 1111BG. PST 1111±7500
30 TB. Pancaran 1112BG. PST 1112±7500
31 TB. Pancaran 112BG. PST 112±7500
32 TB. Pancaran 113BG. PST 113±7500
33 TB. Pancaran 115BG. PST 115±9500
34 TB. Pancaran 118BG. Kaltim FT 80-11±7500
35 TB. Pancaran 1212BG. PST 1212±7500
36 TB. Pancaran 1312BG. PST 1312±7500
37 TB. Pancaran 210BG. PST 210±7500
38 TB. Pancaran 211BG. PST 211±7500
39 TB. Pancaran 212BG. PST 212±7500
40 TB. Pancaran 213BG. PST 213±7500
41 TB. Pancaran 215BG. PST 215±9500
42 TB. Pancaran 311 BG. PST 311±7500
43 TB. Pancaran 312BG. PST 312±7500
44 TB. Pancaran 313BG. PST 313±7500
45 TB. Pancaran 315BG. PST 315±9500
46 TB. Pancaran 510BG. PST 510±7500
47 TB. Pancaran 511BG. PST 511±7500
48 TB. Pancaran 512BG. PST 512±7500
49 TB. Pancaran 513BG. PST 513±7500
50 TB. Pancaran 610BG. PST 610±7500
51 TB. Pancaran 611BG. PST 611±7500
52 TB. Pancaran 612±2 x 1000 Hp Caterpillar
53 TB. Pancaran 613BG. PST 613±7500
54 TB. Pancaran 712BG. PST 712±7500
55 TB. Pancaran 713BG. PST 713±7500
56 TB. Pancaran 812BG. PST 812±7500
57 TB. Pancaran 813BG. PST 813±7500
58 TB. Pancaran 912BG. PST 912±7500
59 TB. STM 1BG. ASL 77±3200

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