PT Pancaran Teknologi Transportasi Indonesia

PREDICT is a national private company engaged in the Fleet Management System and Smart Driving Training solutions.

Our Vision

Become a professional company that focuses on developing technology solutions supporting transportation businesses that are in line with national and international standards.

Our Mission

  • Providing Fleet Management System solutions that capable to adopt the company's strategic goals in transportation management.
  • Provides a Smart Driving Training package that can improve driver performance professionally.
  • Providing a T-MaC (Transportation Monitoring and Management Center) team that provides 24x7 vehicle management and monitoring solutions.

Predict Solution

Predict provides a one stop solution for transportation and logistics management. Here are some benefits that can be obtained :

  • Realtime vehicle monitoring
  • Improve the safety and safety of drivers and vehicles
  • Vehicle trip management is easier
  • Monitoring of Vehicle Hours of Service
  • Control the use of fuel to be more efficient
  • Reducing Idling Costs
  • Improve professional and safe driving behavior

Predict offers vehicle operating solutions to suit HSE policies and programs.

  • Monitor the movement of vehicles in dangerous areas
  • Control vehicle speed limits in certain areas in the field or in offices in accordance with HSE policies
  • Can easily monitor and control vehicles operating in and out of certain areas
  • Protect the vehicle from theft
  • Monitor vehicle utilization
  • Improve the efficiency of operating a vehicle fleet
  • Location-based vehicle realtime information notifications
  • Optional SOS Buttons
  • Monitoring temperature humidity and fuel level

Predict helps companies to improve service levels and reduce the risk of road accidents, here are some benefits that can be obtained :

  • Improved more comprehensive vehicle operation monitoring services
  • Monitor and find out the position of the vehicle in the event of theft
  • Able to turn off the vehicle remotely
  • Reduce Mileage
  • Save Money on Fuel Costs
  • The proper operation and utilization causes the cost of fuel to be saved

Product & Services

Fleet Management System (FMS)

PREDICT offers an FMS solution to answer various obstacles that are often experienced when monitoring vehicle operations, such as: vehicle position, fuel use, maximum vehicle speed, to vehicle theft cases in one application that can be accessed via the web or mobile. In addition, this application also provides a complete report related to the performance of drivers and vehicles in detail every second.

Smart Driving Training

Experienced instructors PREDICT will help drivers to have insight and professional skills in operating vehicles safely and intelligently.

Transportation Monitoring and Management Center (T-MaC)

PREDICT provides a T-MaC (Transportation Monitoring and Management Center) Team that is always ready to help operate the transportation fleet more effectively, efficiently and safely.

Transportation Monitoring and Management Center (T-MaC)

Predict provides equipment to monitor the vehicle fleet. This monitoring equipment consists of:

  • Main Monitoring Equipment. This tool uses GPS technology to send to FMS servers some data on vehicle movements such as location, speed, fuel use and the use of seat belts. Please click the following link to download the Main Monitor equipment brochure.
  • FMS Support Equipment that helps to monitor drivers and vehicles in detail such as cameras in the vehicle cabin, screens for navigation and receiving tasks, and other security sensors. Please click the following link to download the Support Monitor equipment brochure